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Kind Words


“Terra attended the birth of my second child, Maya. From the very beginning of working with Terra she was so calm and supportive. I felt very comfortable speaking with her about my concerns and hopes for this delivery. My husband, who is generally skeptical of my "crunchy" holistic ideas, wasn't sure we needed a doula the second time around. After her birth he told me he was going to hire a doula for each of his siblings as a gift. He went on to praise her ideas for helping me through labor, stating that it took the pressure off him to know what to do and when to do it and he could just enjoy the experience. We both knew what I should have been doing, but it was so much easier not to think and to let someone else coach us through this. She was there to speak up when I couldn't or bring up things that I had spoke to her about but wasn't able to remember at the time, but also encouraged and supported me as I voiced my ideas and opinions to the medical staff. Terra's easy-going, calm and nurturing demeanor helped make this birth exactly what I needed after a very chaotic delivery with my first child. We are so thankful for her guidance and care during this delivery.”

— Megan


“Terra’s kindness and gentle spirit will always be remembered when I think about my son’s birth. My son was born into the world fast and furiously. Terra calmly and coolly entered our home to be with my husband, older son, and I, as I labored with new baby. Terra’s demeanor, movements, and expressions are always gentle, loving, and warm. She stayed at our home while our sitter arrived for our eldest, giving my husband and I the opportunity to make our way to our birthing center. During our entire process it is completely evident that Terra thoroughly enjoys supporting women, families, and babies. It is definitely her calling to fill this important role and I’m just incredibly lucky she was able to hold space for our family during birth and tick tasks off our plate even after our baby was born at the birthing center. Our family is grateful to always be connected to her kind soul; I would call her up again in a heartbeat if needed.”

— Erika


“Terra Peterson Jonker is Doula Of The Year in our eyes. My wife Laurie and I have recently adopted the baby of one of our family friends daughters. The birth mother lived with us for six weeks prior to the birth and for two weeks after. All three of us felt SO comfortable with Terra. It is very clear from our experience that this is not a job Terra does, but a passion she has for helping expecting families get exactly what that want during the birth experience. We all felt we were treated with incredible care, respect, and love. From the beginning, Terra started by asking what we were hoping for during the process, and then went above and beyond to help that come to fruition. We always felt comfortable asking quesions and seeking guidance. We did this before the birth via text, phone calls and emails. She was prompt in responding and always had the information we were seeking or found it for us quickly. During the labor process Terra was nothing but a rock star. She came to our home when we felt we needed the extra support, and guided us through delivery more than 24 hours later. Her soft but confident approach made us feel more safe and secure during labor. When we were anxious or feeling insecure, Terra was right there. It was comforting to look across the labor room and receive re-assuring looks or words of advice. After delivery, Terra came to our house again after a couple days to check in. She was able to answer all our new questions again. We feel like we started with a doula for support but ended with a friend or more so family. We cannot recommend Terra highly enough. She was simply awesome.”

— Matt


“Terra offers you the care, kindness, strength, and the love you need during the adventure of labor. Her overall ambiance keeps you calm and focused yet empowered. The little things you and you loved one forget about during the craziness is taken care of when Terra is there. In fact, she will do and offer you options that never crossed your mind. You know those random questions you have at odd hours of the day/night, Terra will not only answer but give suggestions suiting to your personality. Having a doula like Terra should be a requirement for all pregnancies and labors. The support we received from Terra was more than we could have ever hoped for. More than we even thought we needed, until it came time to meet our little nugget. Doulas, like Terra, play such an important role in bringing your little one into the world. Choosing Terra as our doula was hands down the best choice we made for our pregnancy, labor, and birth.”

— Amanda and Ryan


“Choosing Terra to be our doula was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Terra is knowledgeable, thorough, and one of the most caring people we’ve ever met. She made us feel extremely supported and informed. In the delivery room she calmly empowered me to do what my body was made to do. She encouraged my partner to be his best support for me by telling him what he could do to help and how to best care for me. She helped us know what was normal along the way and advocated for us throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. Terra is SO good at her job and we will certainly be following up with her in the years to come!”

— Alicia


“Since the birth of our first baby, we call Terra not only our incredible Doula, but our angel. Still to this day we don’t know what we would have done without her. She was our rock, calming presence and provided us with ease during what ended up being an unexpected stressful chain of events. After laboring for a few days with plans to deliver at a Birth Center, our baby had other plans. Baby decided that we needed to make an emergency trip to Western Wisconsin Health in Baldwin, WI to see specialist, Dr. Dennis Hartung. Since we don’t get to plan our birth, we get to plan to have a baby, a C-section was needed and we are thankful to have delivered a healthy, happy and content baby GIRL! This was a physically and emotional few days and Terra, our angel, was with us every step of the way. We have baby number 2 on the way and the first person we called was Terra because we can’t imagine giving birth without her! She’s absolutely incredible, from prenatal support to postnatal care. She has such a strong passion for helping and supporting families through childbirth and is incredibly dependable, no matter what time of the day or night it is.”

— Bre


“We were so fortunate to work with Terra during the birth of our second baby. We reached out to Terra on the recommendation of my OB. We suffered a devastating loss during our first birth, and my OB suggested we look in to a Doula to provide emotional and physical support during the birth of our second baby. I will forever be grateful at my OB's suggestion, and extremely thankful that we found Terra.

Terra has the most beautiful calm presence. She made us feel totally at ease and when she could sense we were getting nervous or scared, she calmly reassured us that everything was normal and everything was going fine. We cannot imagine going through a birth without her by our side. My husband was originally concerned that he wouldn't be as needed with a Doula present, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Not only did Terra support me by anticipating my needs and being by my side for the entire labor, but she also kept a close eye on my husband and reassured and encouraged him when he needed it. She didn't take over his role, she made it easier for him to fill his role in the delivery room by keeping a close eye on him, reassuring him and showing him ways to help me.

We also were fortunate enough to have Terra for some postpartum doula hours. She was amazingly helpful and always made me feel better and more confident, which is half the battle as a new mother! I have also given postpartum doula hours to a friend as a gift and she was so thankful for the support Terra provided.

I cannot recommend Terra enough. She is wonderful and made our second birth experience joyful when it could have been filled with fear and anxiety. We still talk about Terra regularly (even 18 months later!) and will always be thankful that she was there to help us when we really needed it.”

— Sophie


“Terra was worth every penny we paid for her services. She advocated for me the entire entire time during my labor which was so wonderful since it was my first birth. She took a lot of the uncertainty and fear out of the experience. Because of her presence, I look back on my labor experience very fondly. I highly recommend hiring Terra as a doula!”

— Anya


“My experience with Terra was fantastic! Terra was a strong and confident doula, leader, and teacher. Her calming demeanor was reassuring. She helped me feel safe and secure when I was anxious. Terra was an excellent listener and provided knowledge and wisdom during our prenatal sessions that helped me prepare my body for labor and delivery. She answered my questions and provided helpful information when I was writing my birth plan. She taught me strategies for pain management that I could practice at home. Terra took time to get to know us and our hopes and dreams. She was always so respectful and kind. Terra was on call and prepared when I needed her. She even helped take care of my husband and reminded him to get food and to rest. She helped me manage my pain by guiding me to use the strategies I had learned and she even taught me new ones on the spot. Terra helped me stay calm and feel positive through difficult and unexpected situations. She worked well with all of the staff at the hospital to ensure that I was taken care of and that my wishes were always considered. Her postpartum check in visit was exactly what I needed. I was so impressed with Terra. I do not hesitate to recommend Terra as a doula.”

— Christine


“I first met Terra when I was around 6 months pregnant, at a prenatal class called “All About Doulas” run by the Childbirth Collective at Blooma. My partner, Austin and I had been unsure about whether to hire one until Terra introduced herself to the class and our son began kicking me like crazy! After the class, we had coffee with her to get to know her better and were convinced she was right for us.

During the next few months, we met in person a few more times to introduce her to the rest of the birth team, practice pain management techniques that would be used during labor, and to set up a birth plan. On top of that, Terra was available 24/7 to answer calls or texts about my questions and concerns (and as an anxious expectant mother, that was extremely comforting!).

From 36 weeks until the actual birth date, I had 3 or 4 false labors and she coached me gracefully through each of them. Actual labor was no question though, as my water broke at 2am on my due date! As Austin and I had planned to labor at home alone for as long as possible, Terra came over around 8am and we spent the day going for walks, stretching/massaging through rushes, and actually having lots of fun.

Eventually it was time to go to the hospital, my rushes were much more intense and I was almost completely dependent on Terra to cope. She kept me focused and squeezed my hips through every rush of active labor/transition, what a saint! During pushing, I was in a birthing tub with Austin, and Terra was my grounding presence in the room.

Almost 3 hours later, our son came earthside into Austin’s arms.

This amazing woman is responsible for the birth of my son being the best day of my life. Without her I would not have laughed through rushes, I would not have refused chemical pain management, and I certainly would not have had the beautiful waterbirth I had hoped for. I am forever grateful to her for all that she has done for us. Love you Terra!”

— Amy


“For my first delivery experience I was determined to have the support of a doula and was really nervous and uncertain how I would handle everything. We interviewed several doulas, but landed on Terra right away. Her warm, calm, cheerful personality was EXACTLY what I was looking for and the way she talked about helping create a feeling of safety and trust with her clients really resonated with me. My labor and delivery was in many ways the polar opposite of what I'd been hoping and planning for due to sudden and rapidly escalating preeclampsia, but Terra helped me stay calm, was there with me in the hospital over 24 hours continuously and I firmly believe was a huge reason I was never really scared or in significant pain and was able to take ownership of the dwindling amount of choices I had left. Not only did Terra take exceptional care of me, she was simply wonderful for my husband who is on the autism spectrum and we were worried would find staying with me and supporting me really challenging. Our beautiful little boy is nearly 18 months now and we still talk regularly about how special Terra helped make our delivery journey. We are endlessly grateful and cannot recommend her enough.”

— Jenny


“Working with Terra was an absolute joy, and my only regret is not having found her sooner! My husband and I met Terra a week before I went into labor. From our initial meeting we felt extremely comfortable with her. She is so caring and genuine, and has a true passion for making your birth experience and goals a reality. I went into labor before creating a birth plan which made me a little anxious, but Terra was reassuring the entire time and helped me go with the flow. She also is extremely knowledgeable while also being upfront about the limitations of her expertise, which I really appreciated (and though she doesn’t profess to be a nurse, she is as knowledgeable as all the medical staff we interacted with!). While laboring I reached a point where I wanted pain medication, and Terra was a fantastic resource for reminding us how certain meds work without pushing one option over another. She was also there for my husband as much as she was for me, which was wonderful. Terra is a true advocate and such a wonderful person. I hope we can keep in touch, Terra, and baby Will, Bob and I can’t thank you enough for all your amazing support!”

— Samantha


“Terra was the back up arranged by our doula. Our doula had a scheduled C-section to attend the morning I delivered my daughter. Terra arrived before our doula left and we had the honor of having both doulas present for the birth. It's rare that you meet someone and feel immediately comfortable enough to have them present during your biggest life moment. However, Terra's calm, nurturing nature was obvious from the start. We feel so blessed that she was there for us as a support post-birth and would highly recommend her to other couples looking for a caring, empathic doula.”

— Jennifer


“I interviewed 3 doula's and I knew 15 seconds after meeting Terra, she was the perfect fit for our family! She is extremely professional, supportive and very knowledgeable. She was very clear about what we could expect from her throughout the process and was very detailed in understanding what was important to our birth plan. She is so supportive and provides fact based information versus opinions or judgement. I had a more challenging and lengthy labor (41 hours) and nothing went according to my plan (which has ZERO reflection on Terra). Every time the doctor/nurses proposed something new, Terra was right there asking questions and relaying to us what the options/implications were so we could make an informed decision. She communicated and collaborated so well with the nurses- collectively they made the BEST team. There is no way I would have got through my labor without Terra's techniques, knowledge and guidance. If you are on the fence in anyway about the value of a Doula or who to select, you will not be disappointed by Terra. We truly considered her a part of our family.”

— Kristin


“Terra is simply amazing! She provided both my husband and me with constant support, guidance and knowledge/information around any decisions we had to make regarding the birth of our daughter. My labor was very long, but Terra stayed with us for the entire time and never grew anxious at how slowly things went. My daughter didn't have great positing and Terra helped me try every position in the book to correct it, she always seemed to have another option or idea--things my husband and I would never have remembered from the classes we took! She was so motivating and encouraging while I pushed, helping me dig deep within myself to keep going. When it turned out that I would need a c-section, Terra helped us through that as well and encouraged my husband and I to take time alone to discuss and make our decision, something we both appreciated and are incredibly thankful for. After our baby arrived, Terra stayed with us to help ensure everything got off to a great start and that we were comfortable being on her own. She's continued to be a great support ever since, far exceeding my expectations every step of the way. Having her as our doula was, without hesitation, the best decision we made and I highly recommend her!”

— Emily


“Terra attended the births of both of my boys, and I will always be endlessly grateful for her calm presence, positivity, and warmth. She showed my husband how to help me through labor, and he is now a huge advocate for doulas as well! It's hard for me to explain what an immensely positive impact she had in my life, and I will never forget her!”

— Jessica


“We reached out to Terra when my friend told me that hiring her was the best decision she has ever made, and our experience still managed to exceed our expectations. I was very nervous to give birth because I am fearful of the poking and prodding that goes along with most medical experiences. I’ll also admit that I was terrified of the pain of childbirth and the possibility of something going wrong. I instantly felt a sense of calm after my first prenatal session with Terra and eventually went into the childbirth experience feeling empowered and ready. On the day of the birth, the doctors and nurses that were assigned to me were mostly concerned with the baby’s vital signs and the monitors that were strapped to me. Although those are important, I was frustrated that they didn’t really engage with me or consider my wishes. Terra made me feel seen and heard, and advocated for me when it was necessary. She was a calm presence that soothed the nerves of both me and my husband so that we could actually enjoy bringing our baby into the world. I wish everyone could have a doula like Terra with them as they go through the childbirth experience.”

— Katie


“As first time parents with no family nearby, my husband and I knew we wanted a Doula on our birth team to help us feel safe, confident, prepared, and supported throughout our pregnancy and through labor and delivery. Terra was able to do just that. Terra both respected our birth plan but we also helped us feel confident that she would support us emotionally and physically through any birth outcome. In addition to 24/7 labor and delivery support, Terra met with us in our home for prenatal and postpartum visits and was available by phone or email to answer any questions. Terra is not only a highly skilled and knowledgeable doula, but also extremely personable, patient, kind, and calm. Terra allowed us to have a safe and empowered birth experience that we are forever grateful for.”

— Kristen